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Porch or Deck Columns and Railings:

The look of a Porch or Deck with Columns and Railings is an American tradition, but most people don’t like the maintenance required to keep them looking nice and protect them from deterioration. Structural vinyl porch columns and porch and deck railings have become a popular construction material for homes, apartments, condominiums, etc. We obtain these products from several different manufacturers to obtain a variety of styles and colors which work with different style properties. In addition, we have created some of our own custom designs. Below are a couple of examples of our porch railings. If you are interested in seeing our other options, please contact us directly.

ITEM 8-1
Keystone Railing
3′ or 3’6″ high
White, Clay, Almond Smooth
1-1/2″ Pickets or Balusters

ITEM 8-2
Oxford Railing
3′ or 3’6″ high
White or Tan Smooth
1-1/4″ Pickets or Balusters
T Rail

ITEM 8-3
EverNew® Glass Railing
3’6″ high
White Smooth
T Rail

ITEM 8-4
Structural Colonial Column
5x5x108 “
White or Tan
(Square Column=White, Almond and Clay)

ITEM 8-5
Porch Column Certa-Snapwrap®
(Covers an existing wood column)
4x4x120″; 6x6x120″
White or Almond Smooth or Texture