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Pool Safety Information

Pools provide a great source of fun for a family; however, precautions should be taken to protect young children and pets from danger. Following are a few statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission for you to consider:

Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death among toddlers under the age of 5.

Around 2000 children under age 5 are treated in emergency rooms annually for near-drowning accidents.

Most of the time a child is found in the pool, one or both parents were supervising the child.

Drowning is a ‘silent killer’ of toddlers and takes only a few short minutes.

Safety organization pool safety guidelines recommend multiple layers of protection which may include installing barriers around the pool; adding pool alarms to the pool; adding additional locks on home doors and windows; alarming doors and windows with pool access; supervising children closely and being prepared in case of an emergency.

Safety organizations such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Safety Council recommend “Barriers with Self-closing, Self-latching Gates” as your most effective pool protection. Most drownings or near-drownings would be prevented by installing a barrier between the water and all access points to the pool. Most city building codes require a fence around the perimeter of a property with a pool and we offer a variety of options to meet these requirements and more.

We want your pool experiences to be happy and your children and pets to be safe.
That is why we will consult with you to provide safe and practical fence recommendations that meet your needs for pool safety and functionality and that meet applicable building codes where required.

Our most popular pool fence for the interior of the yard is the Guardian removable pool fence which is available in three different fabrics, a variety of colors and transparencies and two different pole options. Our steel reinforced pole is the strongest one on the market and requires only a 5/8” size hole in the deck! We offer permanent fences of vinyl, ornamental metal (also called wrought iron) and wood for pool enclosures. Occasionally, it makes sense to combine removable and permanent fencing to provide the best pool safety solution.
DuraFence Designs provides them all!

We have secured pools at more than a thousand homes and commercial properties around the Metroplex and would like to work with you to make yours secure!

Please view our photo gallery to see some of our fence options and contact us to schedule a free estimate at 972-720-9977.